What’s wrong with Android?

From an apple’s fan boy point of view:
1. It’s not an iphone.
2. It doesn’t have a name that starts with I
3. It was not designed in California, and MIC
4. It is a death star against the good people in infinite loop.
5. (In first order logic/predicate logic syntax) For all things that are not available from Apple Store is bad.
(x AvailableAtAppleStore(x) -> Bad(x))

Couple things from my side
a. Although the Android Operation System is not branded as a game platform, we can definitely see there are more gaming application that are available on the App Store than the App Market. Given casual gaming has become part of the daily routine, I think android requires more time to catch up (With more OpenGL integrations, better API design, better API demo, ready-made game engine etc etc.)

b. The variations on hardware makes it very hard for developers to unify all the application in terms of user experience. Let’s face it, segmentation has been a problem and will be a problem. Part of the root cause of the problem relies to the frequency of the system OS updates. It’s not often to see OEM had a hard time catching up the latest branch of the android source code when they were still working on the UI layer for the last update iteration.

c. Stock Android UI is good but still far from iPhone’s.

d. Deep integration with Google/Facebook becomes a problem when the integration becomes toooooooo deep in which users can no longer pull the plug by their will.

e. Android machines need better touch screens.

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