Twisted Web Framework – User timeout caused connection failure.

I have been using twisted web framework for one of my side project. Twisted Framework was meant to be a one stop solution for your asynchronous networking needs. For example, there is a limit numbers of network connection you can make before your network port starts to crap out. Twisted makes sure that this does not happen.

However there are exceptions.

Recently I’ve made some small changes to the code, and the worst part of this is I’ve changed soe parameters such that the application connects to some other servers that have zero connectivity. Surprisingly, while twisted framework did report the timeout connection error, the exception holds on to some resource on the IO side, and makes the server hardly operational after a few thousand timeout attempts. I tried searching Google and nothing really comes up. My guess is Twisted holds on to some reference of the faulty connection and never bothered to clear resource used by it. While this is my wild guess, my fix to exclude bad connections does seem to work.

For the record I was running Twisted 10.2 with Python 2.7 on a Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit server.


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