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Computer Science Honors, Co-operative Program, University of Waterloo


  • Strong analytical thinker with excellent problem solving skills.
  • Proficient at communicating information to audiences, regardless of
    technical background.
  • Demonstrated initiative while taking on extra interesting projects.
  • Exceptional ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment while
    meeting tight deadlines.
  • Excellent teamwork skills developed while collaborating
    ideas on projects with co-workers.


Application Development: Python,Java, C++, Groovy, Visual Basic .NET, Objective-C, Visual Basic, TCL, Ruby, SQL, Bash, Pascal

Web Development: Ajax,CSS, XML, JSON, Flash, JavaScript, HTML

Web Toolkits: Django,Google App Engine, Groovy on Rails, Ruby on Rails

Mobile Development: Android,Iphone

Database: SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, KDB, mongoDB

Source Control: SVN, CVS, Perforce, Mercurial, Git

Other: MULEESB, Tibco RV, Crystal Report, Swig, Swing, AWT, ANT, Maven


Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Networks, Software Design & Architecture, Database Management, Operation Systems, Logic Computation, Combinatorics, Data Structures & Management, Object-Orientated Programming, Algorithms, Business Management, Managerial & Intermediate Financial Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics


Facebook (Palo Alto, California, US) Jan – Apr, 2011

Software Engineer Intern

  • Designed and developed new functionalities for mobile devices.

Barclays Capital Japan Limited (Tokyo, Japan) Jan – Apr, 2010

Software Developer, Equities IT

  • Designed and implemented in Java a Message Logger that logs and
    replays messages between enterprise applications and bridges applications
    with different messaging protocols.
  • Developed a Real Time Exchange Simulator Application that is used
    for testing live, continuous trading systems that supports FIX protocol
    and can be interactively controlled by user through the administrative
  • Received Outstanding for performance evaluation.

Fore Research and Management LP. (New York, US) May – Aug, 2009

Financial Application Developer

  • Designed and implemented a robust Reconciliation Application that analysis
    and report reconciliation process information automatically on a
    day-to-day basis.
  • Developed tools and scripts to enhance accuracy and consistency of data
    management and report generation processes.
  • Maintained and improved a critical Portfolio Management System.
  • Received Outstanding for performance evaluation.

Christie Digital System Inc. (Kitchener, Canada) Sep – Dec, 2008

Software Developer, Visual Environment

  • Designed and developed a robust Test Pattern API Framework which is capable of
    rendering various test patterns onto Christie projectors.
  • Developed and implemented a new Test Pattern Application which all Christie’s
    projectors can call into by using C++, Java Swing and Swig with the newly
    built Test Pattern API Framework.

Ericsson Canada Inc. (Mississauga, Canada) Jan – Apr, 2008

Project Associate, Project Management Group

  • In charge of
    deployment, investigation, development, configurations,, and operation of
    a new centralized project tracking three-tier application for various
    departments to improve work efficiency among major work groups.
  • Implemented a
    proto-type application and demonstrate how different groups can be
    benefitted from using this framework.
  • Created various
    visual basic and database application to improve the processes for quality
    and productivity.
  • Received Excellent evaluation for this internship.



  • Developed an information aggregator that scales data with limited
    availability to the distributed cloud infrastructure so to make the data
    highly available.
  • Built algorithm to utilize the caching mechanism efficiently so to
    enhance service performance and data availability.

Iron Cook

  • Designed and implemented Iron Cook, a system that allows user to
    generate meal plans and recipes on their mobile handhelds. This system is
    intended for people who like to cook for themselves but have trouble
    deciding what to make.
  • Collaborated with
    fellow group members to establish the front-end prototype mobile phone
    application and the back-end server solution for the system


  • Implemented,
    designed and developed business card exchange/contact database
    synchronization application using Eclipse, SQLite and Android SDK for
    Google Android mobile phone platform.


  • WACE International Work Integrated Learning Student Achievement
  • University of Waterloo Merit Scholarship
  • Community Service Award – Silver Level

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