Using Google Voice without the need for internet connection / iphone application

I was hampered by Apple’s rejection of Google Voice application. On average I made calls to Canada 30 – 60 minutes per day and switching to Google Voice from Calling Card not only saves me money, but also gives me flexibility so that I don’t have to look up to the calling card and enter my pin and run into people recklessly on the street.

Long story short, I was under the impression that you need an internet connection to make a call, and this is NOT the actual case. A quick dirty way of making a call without any internet connection is to call your Google Voice number from the numbers associated with your google voice account (e.g. my cell phone) , press “2” after you enter the voice catalog and enter the number you want to call.

I stored my google voice number on my iphone and that makes my life 200 times easier, what’s more, the rate of calling to Canada from the States is 0, which is free =)

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