NTS: Projects to be done.

Exam is coming up and I have no choice but to put my development life on hiatus and focus on my text books. ( CS 245 Logic and Computation is actually fun) Anyway, here is a list of stuff that I have worked on and planning to finish them up during the semester break after exam until the start of next school semester in September.

Iron cook ‘s main objective is to provide a portal for anyone to randomize their meal plan for the week and have the grocery list generated on their mobile devices. It’s the CS446 course project that me and my group mates have been working on since May 2010 and currently we have the back-end web service and android client cores ready.

HKGolden Samurai
Another web service for exposing HK Golden API to native clients. As of now, the caching mechanism has been implemented and more UI work has to be done. The final product will be consumed by HKG maize, which is the first (and only) client for HK Golden on android devices.

University of Waterloo Login
A simple portal for passing the username + password when logging in the uw-wireless network. (Credentials are needed everytime a client joins the network and Firefox/Chrome doesn’t allow users to store their credentials on the browser)

After working on iron-cook.com extensively for the past 3 months I noticed a rewrite is required to follow the django/python/app-engine convention.

StudyTimer is a small utility I wrote for myself. Basically it’s a timer that switches between “study period” and “break period”. Currently the skeleton of the client application is there and I have yet to implement the server side stuff.

Haskell + OpenGL ES/DirectX – I have always wanted to learn functional programming and do some geometry work with openGL/DirectX (XNA on Xbox360, windows phone 7) , hopefully the 30 days vacation is enough to learn these stuff.

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2 Comments to "NTS: Projects to be done."

  1. Dimitar wrote:

    You do like samurais in project names, don’t you? :-)

  2. Chris wrote:

    You should get me a list of good code names… sen pai :)

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