Kinect + Hand = Mouse

For the past couple hours I was doing some hacking with Kinect and I figured out it would be nice to show you guys how Kinect really works in the background.

Currently there are two major platforms where you can get the drivers for Kinect. Open Kinect provides C/C++/python interfaces and Code Laboratories NUI driver provides C /C++ and C#.

==========MORE TO FOLLOW====……..

You can also find my code here:

Many thanks for “L14M333” for releasing his source code in the wild, CL and OpenKinect for opening the door for kinect hacking.

Code Laboratories NUI Kinect Drivers:
Open Kinect Github:
Open Kinect:
Original Code:

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7 Comments to "Kinect + Hand = Mouse"

  1. datSilencer wrote:

    Hi Chris. This is very impressive indeed. One question though, judging from the youtube video, I would think the mouse update rate is a bit choppy (perhaps due to Kinect’s hardware limitations, but I’m no expert in that area).

    Is there a possibility for the mouse movement to be very smooth when receiving input from the Kinect device?


  2. Chris wrote:

    The reason of the choppy mouse is because we are updating the coordinates of the mouse cursor when kinect detects our motion. What you might want to do is to add some sort of “additional” mapping coordinates between the origin and destination of a single movement to smoothen the mouse operations. Kinect is very capable of detecting motions.

  3. Sevcan wrote:

    Hello Chris, my thesis is about ‘hand gesture recognition wirh MS Kinect’ Would you like to help me about my thesis?
    I need the hand recognition function code. I will convert this function to C# code?
    Or would you like to sent me some important keywords, or little codes?
    I really need it.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. Lenna wrote:

    Those bambino cones are so adeabrlo! I didn’t realise just how small they are until the photo of one being held up – I reckon I could eat a fair few of those in one sitting! 😛

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